AADMIXX is an urban progressive design + build studio,  developing a fresh new brand of homes, built to embrace the diverse architectural and cultural influences of urban living.

Each design concept shares a common language of clean lines and subtle angles, mixxed with materials and finishes inspired by distinctly individual neighborhoods. Urban, industrial, modern, and traditional architectural elements are embraced, broken, flexed, and intertwined to create a singular urban progressive appeal.

AADMIXX projects stand as punctuations, pushing against traditional boundaries while nodding to the historic character of their surroundings.

AADMIXX designs also unapologetically mixx things up with an urban-tempered attitude shaped by the expressive roots found in graffiti and street art.

The first AADMIXX project was built with a bespoke mentality and a thoughtful attention to detail in the historic Hyde Park neighborhood of Spanish Town Creek. Construction begins on our new townhome project, STRAT BARN, coming in early 2020.

AADMIXX designs are intended for a select group of individuals, those like-minded design enthusiasts who appreciate Architecture, Art & Design all brought together through modern craftsmanship. Our brand stands alone as both a residential aesthetic and a reflection of our ideal clients’ flavorful lifestyle.

-Tobin Green

owner | designer | builder