Ales Bask Homstomsky, otherwise known as BASK, has an artistic style that lends itself naturally to the aggressive design aesthetics of AADMIXX. The mural collaboration created at 400SOLA was beautifully orchestrated by BASK and his assistant, Nick Kekllas. BASK used the strategically placed control joints, designed into the stucco facade by AADMIXX owner and lead designer, Tobin Green,  as individual canvas frames to create an intricate patchwork of meticulously layered tags and patterns. The process was extensive and accompanied by numerous obstacles, not the least of which was a massive grand oak tree that needed to be virtually threaded like a needle with the oversized lift each time the team took to the skies. In the end though, the masterful piece speaks for itself. Green outwardly considers it a defining moment for residential architecture as to his knowledge, no other home developer has so unapologetically incorporated a blatant street art inspired mural into the design of one of their homes, let alone their brand as a whole. That was actually one of the first and most appealing notables that BASK mentioned during their initial meeting. Add to this the fact that the mural stands at 37 feet high and stretches 60 feet long from front to back, slicing right through the home, and you might agree that this defiant move truly compliments an already bold design.