Ales Bask Hostomsky, otherwise known as BASK, has an artistic appeal that lends itself naturally to the rebellious design aesthetic of AADMIXX. His paintings and murals have been seen all over the world and his brand is as unique as it is recognizable. Combing his signature layering techinques with the brilliant idea to use the home’s strategically placed stucco control joints to his advantage, Bask created an intricate patchwork of layered tags and custom patterns that blend in perfect harmony with the home’s facade. The mural stands at 37 feet high and stretches 60 feet from front to back, slicing right through the heart of the structure while making a bold statement along the home’s prominent exterior vantage points. It was a meticulous process, taking almost 3 weeks to finish. The effort proved to be invaluable though, and upon completion Bask’s masterful approach combined with the home’s already bold Urban Progressive design produced something completely original in Tampa’s residential market.